Boobie Beach




The most fun you'll have playing volleyball


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Boobie Beach is a two-dimensional volleyball game in which two ladies face off in one-on-one games in the water, using their chest instead of their hands, as would be normal... and logical... and practical.

You can choose between six different girls to play with. Each one has her own attributes (in the strictest sense of the word), which are: bust size, bounce (of chest), and dynamism. Depending on these facts, the ball will bounce in one direction or the other when it hits her chest.

You can enjoy Boobie Beach in single-player mode playing against artificial intelligence in one-off games or tournaments, or in the company of a friend in two-player mode from the same computer.

Visually speaking, Boobie Beach is perfectly hand-drawn, with great attention to detail when it comes to the pectoral region of its protagonists, where practically nothing is left to the imagination. Some thought has clearly been put into the physics of these ladies' breasts as well.

Boobie Beach is a surprisingly entertaining sports (?) game that actually manages to offer something different from other games more typical of the genre.
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